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week 4; aftermath


and a day where by the time he retires back to their room, noctis really isn't any less confused by most of what happened. he's exhausted and a bit embarrassed by the display. and naturally, kind of pissed at ash for being a punk.

and maybe for killing the cat, though he did catch that it wasn't really... intentional? which doesn't make it forgivable entirely. but it's not as deplorable.

either way? entering the room and not knowing what to expect from ash is awkward as fuck, whether he's there or not. he doesn't even spare a passing glance for that side of the room, flopping onto the bed with an exhausted thud.

what the hell. just at everything, what the hell?

and naturally, despite the fact that he threw himself into trying to help resolve the murder, his mind's definitely more caught on that embarrassing situation because of how well it caught him off guard.

...and because he's the type who can't actually let things go. minor details.]
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[ ash actually shows up to the room after noctis tonight, for whatever reason. Maybe he had business to attend to; maybe the unstable computer program was just trying to organize his thoughts, which are even more scattered than usual. Either way, when he enters the room with his usual slow gait, he does the exact opposite of what his roommate did - he looks for Noctis straight away.

His confused emotions (obviously) came to a head today, but he's not any less confused than before. Not that it shows on his face or in his words - he wears the same arrogant smirk as always, and he hopes that Noctis will despise him so that he can shove all of these stupid feelings deep down into some dark corner he never needs to look at again. ]

Feeling ashamed?
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[ one day he'll stop being a smug asshole, but that day is not today, apparently. He stays lurking by the door even after he's closed it, looking over at Noctis from the front of the room rather than going to his own bed. Ash isn't feeling like settling down for the night tonight.

All he gives for an answer to that question is a sardonic chuckle. ]

I don't like humans meddling in my affairs, Noctis.
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[ suggestion: it doesn't actually make any sense, because Ash is diagnosably insane... not that his poor roommate could have known. ]

Hah! Compared to me, you're insignificant little insects. It's no wonder you're confused. [ he takes a step or two from the door, entering the room proper, though he still doesn't go near his bed. ] Think of it this way: I'm simply narrowing the range of actions you can take towards me.
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Oh, trust me. If I had the ability, I would have stomped you like the bug you are ages ago. I'm simply... frustrated.

[ Ash can't actually tell him he's mad because Noctis is acting in ways he perceives as illogical and downright unnatural by putting up with him even this much, of course.

Nor can he give this question a straightforward answer. It's something he's only doing half-consciously. ]

But how it changes things remains to be seen. I'm looking forward to your answer, Noctis.
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[ ash doesn't seem flustered, at least?! no that's not any better. ]

Really? I'm seeing a change in your behavior right now.

[ he sees you getting flustered, princey pants. He crosses his arms, smirking his infuriating smirk. ]

I wonder why you're embarrassed? Are you humiliated? That's fine by me. Or maybe it's something else.
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[ the smooch plan is ALWAYS victorious!! ]

I wanted to teach you a lesson. Open your eyes, since you've been acting like such a fool. It seems like I was successful. All that's left is seeing how you choose to act from now on... I like to think that I've made my position clear.

[ finally, he goes over to his own bed, sitting on it to face away from Noct. These long nights are so dreadful when you don't really need to sleep. ]