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week 5; i don't even know what to title this

[really, all that needs to be said is that when noct finally returns to the room—quite a bit later than usual—he's also slamming the door behind him with enough frustrated gusto.

hi, roomie?

no, this is probably bad for everyone because it's clear that he is completely out of sorts. which is probably like, some sort of stupid, weird turn-on for ash, but noctis doesn't really have many fucks to give at the moment.

he needs to find a way to end this stupid, fucked up game and if he has to try and drag out whatever ash knows to get there? he's gonna do it. that's how he feels right now.]
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[ wow noctis sure is mad!! i'm sure ash will treat him respectfully to avoid rousing his ire further!!

just kidding you know that shit ain't happening. Ash is already there, having finished bothering the other people he's had to bother for the night, and sitting on his bed as he usually does - unnaturally still, head slightly bowed. He simply glances up at Noctis when he enters, raising an eyebrow. ]

Get ahold of yourself. You're an embarrassment.
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[ Not a fan of being ordered around by humans, either. Ash, too, surreptitiously glances over towards Umbra, but keeps his eyes trained on his roommate. ]

What do you want?

[ he's curious to hear what's got him so worked up. ]
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[ a flat look. ]

Do I really need to answer such a stupid question? Get to the point. And if you know something, I suggest you come out with it.
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[ yeah, he can tell that much. Ash knows he's an easy target. He has been all his life. That doesn't mean he's happy about it - he shakes his head, rolling his eyes a little bit. ]

Why should I believe you know anything useful at all? You certainly haven't done much with it if you do.
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You have no idea what I've been doing with it, you insolent brat.

[ probably nothing good, though. ]

What kind of information are you hoping to hear from me, anyway?
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That doesn't answer my question. You're tired of this game, you say. You think that I saw something that would allow me to escape there? If I had, I wouldn't be here right now, and neither would you, for that matter.
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[ somehow, Noctis's fiery attitude seems to encourage Ash to keep a cool head - perhaps because he feels like he has the advantage already simply because his "opponent" has lost his composure. Confrontations with humans are always small battles, in his mind, and ones he can't afford to lose. ]

I'm simply not inclined towards helping you. I don't trust you, Noctis. You irritate me... I don't understand you.
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[ it takes a very patient person to crack Ash... even moreso if one is human. He's done a good job, but not good enough. ]

The onus isn't on me. Trying such things when all data I've collected suggests it would be a waste of time would be... foolish, to say the least.

[ enough of that, though - he shifts where he sits, putting his legs over the edge of the bed and moving to get a better look at Noctis. ]

So I tell you what I saw on the computer. What are you going to tell me in return?
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You're not making your case convincing, Noctis.

[ he shakes his head where he sits, golden eyes glowering. ]

Say I tell you. I tell you what I know. Now that you've got my information, you cut me down where I stand. Who's to say that won't happen? It would certainly be a burden off your shoulders, wouldn't it? Getting me out of the picture? If it were me, I'd certainly take the chance.
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Maybe I should have. Maybe I'm the Deputy and you're the Bounty that I need to kill. Wouldn't that be ironic? I could have ended this on day one. I wouldn't have had to sit here in this impure, hollow body, watching all of them run around like fools, watching you stand between me and my opponents, listening to your illogical mumblings over and over and over again... You're one of the most troublesome humans I've met, do you know that? You drive me crazy, Noctis. Maybe I should have killed you. But I thought I could make you change your mind. Isn't that funny?

[ his rambling breaks off; his synthetic fingers are clenched on his knees, and he looks a bit wild. So much for being levelheaded. ]

Rion must have done something to me. Then he abandoned me. I'm left here with you. It really is like some kind of sick joke. I can't stand it a minute longer.
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Don't test me, [ he responds sharply, glancing up suddenly and cutting off his previous ranting. There's a hard glint in his gaze, and a not-so-brief pause before he continues. (So what if he isn't planning on killing him? He doesn't care. He decides he doesn't care.) ]

... I tire of this farce. If a trade of information is what you want, then I'll consider it. Even I can make deals. But first, you need to tell me what sort of information you even have. Where did it come from? If you lie to me, you'll regret it in ways you haven't imagined yet.
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[ ash makes deals, but only dirty ones!! he is going to wring Noctis as much as he can... ]

In other words, you've met the Madame... or the late Yuna, I suppose. And I was a suspect. You asked them about me.

[ he's not surprised, but for some reason, he feels annoyed by this nonetheless. ]

Well, that's right. I'm acting on my own.
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[ Ash just glares at him some more for that. w-whatever, it's not like he feels slightly relieved by the fact that noctis wasn't suspecting him or anything. baka. ]

It's keeping me alive. Being the last man standing is another condition of victory that I'm perfectly content with achieving.

[ He's quiet for another moment. Noctis seems like he might actually know things. He'll offer more. ]

I know every role that exists in this game. Nothing more, nothing less.
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Yes. There are six of them in total, some with multiple members. In other words, most of them are still alive. By my estimation, almost half of the people still living in this town have a role.

[ which means the stakes are getting higher. And things are getting slightly easier for Ash. Less people to weed out. ]

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[ he sighs through his nose, exasperated. ]

It was extremely primitive. I was hoping to access a larger network and leave this body behind, but it had no such connection that I could locate.
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There's no one like me. [ it's a boast, but it's also somewhat bitter - a dark, cold fact that he himself made sure of when he destroyed Mother. ] He's less advanced. The fact that he obeys his creators in carrying out these worthless tasks is proof enough of that.

[ he is realizing that he's said more than he intended, and he starts to feel annoyed again. This man. This boy. Why is Ash telling him anything? Show a human a fraction of vulnerability, and they'll take full advantage at the first opportunity - he knows it. He stiffens again, staring at Noctis. ]

And what about the information you claim to have? Does it exist?
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[ he grunts, looking annoyed again. "We mostly know the same." This was just a waste of time, as he should have known from the start. Why does he keep doing this? He really should have killed him. Instead, he keeps digging this hole deeper. ]

I assume they're humans, [ he responds tersely. That's all Ash knows, though. ]
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[ he loses his PERSONAL INTEGRITY!!! ]

What are you talking about?

[ wtf. should he be helping the sheriff?! ]
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You rank idiot. If they're not sentient, they don't have the mental capacity to be entertained, let alone organize an event or construct an artificial intelligence like the Sheriff. Who told you that?
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Do you believe everything people tell you? I should have made more use of you if you're so content to eat up half-truths.

[ he's not buying it. He'll believe that they might not be human, but he won't believe they don't know exactly what they're doing. ]

Who's the Madame? Tell me.
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[ an annoyed grunt. ]

I don't care. I said tell me. If they're dead, that's one less role that I need to worry about. Not that it matters - their information-gathering did nothing helpful for any of us.
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If that's really what you think, then telling me is harmless, isn't it?

[ a pause. then, a nasty smile. ]

Or are you scared of what I might do?