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noctis "cover yourself in sombreros" lucis caelum ([personal profile] elemancy) wrote2017-02-28 01:27 am
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week 7; letter (ash)


You can ignore this, or chalk this up to human sentiment if you want. I'd be surprised if you even read this the whole way through, but bear with me for one last time. If Umbra is bringing you this, it means my death has come to pass.

The first thing you should know, if Hal doesn't announce it, is that I was a Bounty. I'm really sorry for lying to you for so long. It was out of my hands and probably for your own good and mine that I didn't tell you. But even though I hid that from you, I need you to know that I never once hated you. You're an asshole, you hate my existence and my people, and you probably don't even care much that I'm dead, since you wanted to level this whole town anyway. Still... guess you did something right, because even now, I'd almost consider you an ally. That probably makes you wish you'd fired that pistol on the first night. Sorry.

Sorry too, that I can't keep my word. Guess it wasn't meant to be, because I took the secret about it to the grave.

And one last thing: If you find out who killed me, don't hold it against them. And if you killed me, then... what the hell took you so long? You had a ton of chances before this!