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week one; roomie problems

[of course, noct is exhausted after the trial.

this is a guy that could flop on his bed at any point and pass out, which ash has probably been able to witness over the last week. but tonight is definitely different. when he enters the room, he flops onto the bed and just lets out an exhausted groan.]

Feels like I could sleep for a year.

[it's okay to judge him, ash. or just point out that he was right, or whatever it is ash has to say.]
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[ check out this WEAKLING and his EMOTIONAL EXHAUSTION!!!

Ash just gives him the same aloof glance he always does - though this time, he seems fairly satisfied with himself instead of cold and angry. Rather than sitting on his own bed (or, god forbid, laying down on it like a normal person), he merely moves to stand next to it, resting one hand on a bedpost. ]

If everyone had listened to what I'd said earlier, maybe that wouldn't have become such an ordeal for you all. [ unsurprisingly, Ash isn't affected by any of the emotions flying around. He's killed millions of people. ] I must confess, Noctics, you did a good job, calling her out so directly. I didn't think you had the guts.
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[ he's right... it is normal for ash. amazing how he doesn't get tired from being this mad all the time?? ]

That's exactly right. Someone had to do it. It was... the inevitable outcome. One of us had to die, and you picked the one who you all determined deserved it most.

[ his words are as callous as ever, but he seems like he's being frank rather than purposefully nasty this time. If that helps. (Not really.) ]

The others were weak. I may not like humans, but I can commend your pragmatism.
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[ unbelievably, he seems to bristle a little at being thanked. Or, at the very least, he seems confused, brow furrowing. Nothing is easy when it comes to Ash, evidently.

But mostly, that was - genuinely - the first time anyone's ever thanked him for anything, and he's not sure how to take it. ]

I don't want your gratitude. [ it lacks the fangs his retorts usually have. ] You must truly be tired to thank me for anything.
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I'm not being nice. Don't let it go to your head. [ ugh!! stop confusing him and ruining his moderately not-bad mood?! he doesn't know what to do if people aren't hating him?! Frowning, he turns, then goes to actually sit on his bed for once. ]

I truly don't understand humans.
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[ that gets a single dry laugh out of him. ]

Studying your kind was one of my main protocols. [ he doesn't usually like to talk about his origins much, but that piece of information is harmless enough. ] But all of the research in the world couldn't explain your irrational behaviors. And your... appetite for self-destruction. That's still alive and well, if this town is anything to go by. It's no wonder you looked to god for guidance in your maddening little lives.
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[ the lack of resistance is mildly surprising, but not completely. even back on Earth, there had been humans who were willing to bargain with him. This isn't so far off. ]

You don't. You blunder along blindly and leave a trail of death in your wake. I've seen it all. [ Ash is always ready for a bitter villain monologue, apparently. ] No other species would trap so many of its own just to watch them kill each other like this.
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You mean our fellow "townsfolk," correct? I don't doubt that. The Sheriff said as much himself. People with "roles."

[ a pause. he looks over at Noctis again. ]

Do you know anything about that?
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[ the 'scrap heap' term gets Noct a bit of a flat look from Ash, but he continues. {Ash will remember that.} ]

What there is to know? Names. Details. I would think that much is obvious.
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You're dense, aren't you? [ a pause. ] I'm asking if you have one, or if you know anyone who has one. One way or another, I'll find out. Telling me now would be... preferable.
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Obviously not.

[ he almost wishes he does, because then he'd at least have a modicum of power here. too bad. ]

I've tried to speak to him, but he's not as advanced as I am. A slave to his programming.